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Deliberate Practice: How to Practice Without Practicing and Improve Faster

March 15, 2017
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It has been pounded into your head — if you want to be good at anything, you have to practice. But to be great, it takes more than just practice — it takes deliberate practice.

Here’s the difference:

  • Practice is drawing.
  • Deliberate practicing is drawing faces over and over until you’re good at it.

Deliberate practice is a structured, systematic approach to mastery and it requires focus, attention to detail, and grit.

And sometimes it requires practicing without practice. Continue Reading…


Be Great at Anything By Being Great at Simplifying

March 3, 2017
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Today, Jordan Burroughs can sit elbow to elbow at the table of greats.

4x World Champion/Olympic Gold Medalist, 22 International Championships — a far cry  and an impressive resume for a man who barely received an athletic scholarship — but in a sport where techniques hold names such as “Cement Mixer” and “The Guillotine,” Jordan Burroughs has made his signature move the double-leg takedown  — the most basic move in wrestling. Continue Reading…